Maintenance & Care

Maintenance & Care

Caring for your Connor® Sports hardwood flooring systems makes a lasting impact season after season. All Connor hardwood flooring products strictly adhere to MFMA (Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association) standards, and those standards include yearly maintenance and care.
Flooring Specific Maintenance Guides

General Care

Humidity and Ventilation

Since all wood flooring will expand and contract as relative humidity varies, it is important to minimize extremes between low and high. Hardwood flooring is manufactured at moisture content most compatible with a 35%-50% relative humidity range.

Geographical regions and available mechanical units determine the typical range of temperature and humidity for each facility. Maintaining a 15% fluctuation between highest and lowest average indoor relative humidity provides limited shrinkage and growth.

Daily Care

Sweeping, Spillage, & Spot Stains

Sweep your floor daily with a dry dust mop.  Floors with heavy usage should be dust mopped up to three times daily.

Wipe liquid spills and water from the floor immediately with a thoroughly wrung soft cloth or thoroughly wrung mop dampened with approved floor cleaner.

Remove aggressive marks (black marks, rubber burns) with cloth dampened with approved cleaners.

Floor Loads

Point & Area Loads

Significant point and/or area loads can affect the integrity of the wood floor surface and athletic subfloor components.

Point loads refers to concentration of weight on a small area of the floor surface. 

Area loads refers to broad based loads that are heavier and further balanced, think of a maintenance vehicle or lift.