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Athletic Flooring for Sports Recreational Facilities

Learn about Hardwood Sports Floor Systems

Recruit, Train, Retain.

Sports complexes can benefit thousands of aspiring athletes and fitness-minded people.  Connor® Sports surfaces provide proper athletic benefit to keep students and athletes active, having fun and coming back for more.

Athletic flooring is an essential component of any recreational sports facility, gym, or fitness center. It provides a safe and durable surface for athletes to train and compete on while reducing the risk of injuries. The right athletic flooring can also enhance performance by providing excellent traction, shock absorption, and stability.

Learn about Hardwood Sports Floor Systems

Synthetic Rubber Flooring

Rubber floors are highly durable and provide excellent shock absorption properties which make them ideal for high-impact activities like weightlifting or function fitness and cross - training. They are also slip-resistant which makes them suitable for sports like basketball or volleyball where quick movements and sudden stops are common.

Hardwood Flooring

Another option is hardwood flooring which is commonly used for basketball courts. Hardwood floors offer a smooth surface that allows players to move quickly while providing excellent traction. They are also aesthetically pleasing and add value to any facility.  Connor® Sports provides not just the hardwood flooring, but multiple sub-floor systems that increase safety, point deflection, ball rebound, and overall performance of your floor.

Dance Studio Flooring

If you want to have a safe and comfortable surface to dance on, then you should consider investing in high-quality dance studio flooring. Connor® Sports provides dance flooring options to fit all of the needs of your recreational facility.

In addition to different types of marley vinyl, Connor® Sports also offers different sub-floor options specific to dance to help lengthen the careers of the artists that are practicing day in and day out.  Artists are athletes and should be treated as such.


Importance of Choosing the Right Athletic Flooring for your Facility

Choosing the right flooring is crucial; impacting athletic performance, safety, and overall experience.

Preventing Injuries with Tested and Approved Point Deflection

One of the most important aspects of athletic flooring is its ability to prevent injuries. Proper cushioning is essential for reducing impact forces on joints and muscles during high-impact activities such as running or jumping. Without proper cushioning, athletes are at risk of developing chronic injuries in the ankle, knees, or hips.

Choosing a flooring material that provides adequate shock absorption and point deflection is crucial in preventing these types of injuries. Rubberized surfaces are a popular choice due to their ability to absorb shock and provide excellent traction for athletes.

Enhancing Performance with Optimal Traction

In addition to preventing injuries, the right athletic flooring can also enhance athlete performance by providing optimal traction. Slippery surfaces can cause athletes to lose their footing during high-intensity movements such as cutting or pivoting, which can lead to falls and injuries.

Athletic facilities should choose a surface that provides enough friction to allow for quick changes in direction without sacrificing speed. Synthetic surfaces like polyurethane or vinyl offer excellent traction while still allowing for fast movements.

Improving Hygiene with Easy-to-Clean Surfaces

Hygiene is another critical factor which means that floors need regular cleaning to prevent bacteria buildup and foul odors.

Easy-to-clean surfaces like rubber or marley vinyl makes maintaining hygiene much more manageable than other materials.

Promoting Durability with High-Quality Materials

Athletic facilities see a lot of foot traffic, which means that flooring materials need to be durable enough to withstand constant use. Choosing high-quality materials like polyurethane or marley vinyl ensures that floors will last longer and require less maintenance over time.

Investing in quality flooring materials is an investment in the future of your athletes.

Saving money with Long-lasting durability

High-quality athletic floors are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, equipment usage, and frequent cleaning without showing signs of wear and tear. They also require less maintenance than low-quality floors, which means fewer repair costs over time.


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