Connor Sports Pro Forma 1

Pro Forma I: Sprung Dance Floor System

Connor® Dance flooring systems are engineered sprung solutions that balance the safety and wellness of the performer with the uniformity and control necessary for optimized performance.

Pro Forma I has a low-profile height, minimizing ramp and threshold needs while providing uniformity in shock absorption and vertical deflection.

Pro Forma I is ideal for all dance disciplines when used as a system with Connor® Dance Vinyl.


Connor® Dance sprung flooring systems are engineered to balance the safety of the performer with the uniformity and control necessary for performance.  The Pro Forma sprung flooring system allows the dancer the ability to improve performance and reduce injuries. The impact of dancing on concrete flooring or a solid, un-sprung surface can cause micro-injuries and put stress on joints and muscles, which over time can develop into more serious injuries.

The Pro Forma dance subfloors creates a more supportive surface for dancers, giving energy back into movements so they can keep dancing for longer. The Pro Forma series was designed to offer increased support for dancer’s joints and muscles during rehearsals and performances. Without the support of a balanced and uniform dance floor system, sharp movements can cause stress to the feet, ankles, legs and hips which over time can evolve creating a lifetime of pain and discomfort inside and outside of the studio space. By taking the same rigorous testing standards used for Connor® Sports hardwood sports flooring systems, the Pro Forma dance subfloors also offer support to dancers by returning some of the energy from leaps, jumps and energetic movements, which can reduce fatigue in the legs.


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