Connor Stage Theater Performing Arts

Connor® Dance Stage and Performance Theater Flooring

Connor® Dance Stage Flooring Systems create an experience for the artist and the audience!

Connor® Dance stage systems provide durability, impact resilience, and lasting comfort helping to create a theater experience that the audience will never forget.  Designed for peak performance when used with Connor® Dance marley vinyl, Connor® Dance sub-floor systems, or our trusted Connor® Hardwood flooring products; Connor® Dance stage floor systems have multiple options that put the artists and performers first.

Designed and tested for protection with strict standards to increase the health and safety of every performer; Connor® Dance stage systems create the feeling of comfort while providing longevity.  In order to maintain total integrity, avoiding collapsed panels and acoustical nightmares, point load and deflection are critical components to any stage's performance.

Connor® Dance stage flooring systems are perfect for professional institutions, school, and university dance programs. Each stage flooring system is built to fit various types of dance and theater, as the safety standards remain high while the performance characteristics can be fine-tuned based on the needs of the theater.

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