Hardwood Gymnasium Floor

Partnered With The Best

About Our Dealers

We partner with the absolute best sports flooring contractors in the country to ensure every project – from local high school gyms, to massive sports complexes – is expertly planned, installed, finished and maintained with our shared passion for excellence.

Specification Assistance

Connor® Sports creates specifications to exceed your business's standards, whether it is for a new dance studio or renovating the recreation center on campus. Rely on your local Connor® Sports dealer to assist in guiding your specifications to best serve the needs of your client, their athletes, and their budget.

Expert Planning and Preparation

Whether your project is new construction or planned renovation, Connor® Sports dealers leverage superior project management skills with decades of experience to ensure every phase of the job is properly planned and executed in a timely, organized and professional manner.

Skilled Installation Services

When it comes to installing a new gym flooring system, dance studio subfloor and marley vinyl, or renovating a performing arts stage; Connor® Sports commitment to craftsmanship is just as crucial as the quality of the materials used for the project. We only work with the absolute best sports flooring experts to ensure every project is completed with the highest levels of care. 

Superior Finishing Capabilities 

Through decades of experience with sanding and refinishing, Connor® Sports provides new and innovative ways to push the limits of your court or studio's design. Our team of certified finishing partners have become true artisans of their craft. This means your local high school can have the same eye-popping designs as seen in the NBA®, WNBA®, NCAA® Final Four® or major metropolitan professional dance and theater company.

Professional Ongoing Maintenance

Ensuring years of lasting performance for your sports surface by enlisting your local Connor® Sports dealer for all the necessary maintenance needs; from annual repair, sanding, refinishing, painting, and sealing services.