Studio and Stage Marley Vinyl

Studio and Stage Marley Vinyl

Combining art and athleticism with protection and performance

Connor Dance Vinyl provides consistent protection with increased levels of comfort.  Designed for peak performance when used with Connor Dance Subfloors, Connor Dance Vinyl offers multiple dance flooring options to create the perfect dance flooring system for any type of dance.

Designed and tested for protection with strict standards to increase the health and safety of the dancer; Connor Dance Vinyl creates the feeling of comfort while providing longevity to the artists performing on your stage and in your studio.

Performance Homogenous, Classic, and Cushioned Vinyl

Connor Dance Vinyl continues to drive innovation and product development with the goal of advancing athletic comfort. By reducing performance fatigue and impact injuries, Connor Dance Vinyl provides strength, grip, and a strong base for each performance and practice.
  • Troplan 2.0 MM
  • Canvas 2.0 MM
  • Canvas 3.0 MM
  • Prima 4.5 MM
  • Prima 7.5 MM