Connor<sup>®</sup> Dance Studio Subfloors

Connor® Dance Studio Subfloors

Balancing safety and wellness with performance and art

Connor® Dance Studio subfloors were created to ensure a uniform, continuous, and integrated dance flooring system that offers consistent performance feel, response, and reaction across the entire studio and stage surface.

Each Connor® Dance Studio subfloor was created to embrace the movement of the dancer, while providing increased levels of protection.  Design, safety, and performance are the pillars of each Connor® Dance Studio subfloor; knowing that lateral forgiveness, floor response, and shock absorption are key to ensuring the health of every performer regardless of age or level of their career.

Premium Dance Studio Subfloors

Our drive for innovation and product development continues to advance the levels of artistic comfort and performance. Each Connor® Dance Studio Subfloor is designed, tested, and built with physical well being and longevity of the artist in mind.
  • Pro Forma I: Sprung Dance Floor System
  • Pro Forma II: Sprung Dance Floor System
  • Pro Forma III